What’s Insurance when buying Pinellas County Waterfront Homes?

Why Can’t you tell me what my Home Insurance will be on Pinellas County Waterfront Homes Clearwater Beach FL – As your Pinellas County waterfront homes and luxury beach specialist I’m here today answering another question about home insurance when buying Pinellas County waterfront homes. Question –  How come you can’t tell me what my home […]

Clearwater Florida Home Insurance – Mirror Mirror on the Wall – Can We Afford Coverage after All?

Clearwater Florida Home Insurance | What’s the solution? We have a lot of debate here in Clearwater, Florida regarding the cost and availability of property insurance for our waterfront homes and condos. This is a conversation that is  taking place all over Clearwater / St Petersburg / Tampa Bay Florida… Skyrocketing cost of Clearwater Waterfront Home […]

Clearwater Fl Home Insurance Onion Peel #1 – Will your Insurance Coverage Sink When You Need it Most?

Beware of The Insurance Onion – What You Don’t Know Stinks and Will Make you Cry When we discuss personal insurance we’re discussing the insurance that protects your home, your cars, your boat, your motorhome, umbrella policies and even the extras like your jewelry, antiques, etc. Most of us have coverage we bought because an […]