What’s Insurance when buying Pinellas County Waterfront Homes?

Why Can’t you tell me what my Home Insurance will be on Pinellas County Waterfront Homes Clearwater Beach FL – As your Pinellas County waterfront homes and luxury beach specialist I’m here today answering another question about home insurance when buying Pinellas County waterfront homes. Question –  How come you can’t tell me what my home […]

Guide to Buying Waterfront Homes in Pinellas County & Beaches

Buying Waterfront Homes in Pinellas County – Understanding Seawall Costs & Seawall Inspections Madeira Beach Florida – If you are looking at waterfront homes in Pinellas County you need to be working with a local Realtor that understands potential issues of buying a waterfront home. Today I wanted to share a video and  kick off […]

Buying Pinellas County Waterfront homes – Seawall Inspection saved $10,000+

Guide to Buying Pinellas County Waterfront Homes – Part 2 Seawalls Cost Maderia Beach Florida – We always recommend a seawall inspection when looking at Pinellas County waterfront homes. Did you know that a seawall repair or replacement could be the biggest expense you could be facing? If you’re like most of our clients buying […]

Clearwater Florida Homes – 10 Things You Need for Homestead Exemption

Clearwater Florida – Just wanted to remind everyone who purchased Clearwater Florida homes or changed your status’s last year (i.e if you purchased a new primary residence in 2011) then you have until March 1st to apply for Florida’s Homestead Exemption. This exemptions saves the typical Clearwater home owner $500 to $800 however most people […]

Clearwater Real Estate News – Stimulus Package offers First Time Home Buyers reasons to Buy Now

Clearwater Real Estate News – Understanding the Stimulus Package Clearwater Florida – Well the stimuus package is almost a reality with Congress reaching agreement on a $789 billion stimulus package for Americans and the President expected to sign it into law, the clock may be ticking for this year’s Clearwater home buyers and homeowners.  So what does […]

Clearwater St Petersburg Tampa Home Sales Up 11% Year to Year in October

Clearwater Florida -We all know this Clearwater Real Estate Market has been slow for home sellers and last month I wrote an article wondering whether we were hitting the bottom of this down market. Clearwater – Tampa – St Petersburg Home Prices and Sales Update Well The Tampa Bay Business Journal reported some good news […]

Clearwater Real Estate | Clearwater Florida is a Great Place to call Home

Welcome to Clearwater Florida – Why we love to live work and play here Clearwater Florida – While we specialize in Clearwater Real Estate and the surrounding Pinellas County communities, we can tell you that Clearwater Florida is fabulous for more than luxury pool homes and waterfront condos with amazing waterviews and majestic sunsets. We […]

Clearwater Auto Accident Attorneys – How they helped me after my Clearwater Car Crash

Clearwater Car Accident – Motorcycle Accidents – Injuries –  Now What do you Do? Clearwater Florida – One of the great parts about living in Pinellas County and the Clearwater area for 18 years is you really get to know a lot of business people and service providers in both a personal and professional way. I have […]

Clearwater Real Estate News: Top 10 Towns Effected by Wall Street Woes

Financial Problems on Wall Street – How far will the Effects be Felt? Clearwater, Florida – Business Week‘s article today reminded us that even though Clearwater is a long way from Wall Street the effects will be felt in almost every town because “from CEOs to security guards, the financial, insurance, and real estate sectors employ approximately […]

Pinellas County Real Estate Today Loses Chance to Cut Property Taxes by up to 32%

Pinellas County Real Estate News – Well all Pinellas County home owners, property investors and others got some bad news today following the news we received on August 15th when a Leon County Circuit Court removed Amendment 5 aimed at lowering everyone’s property taxes off the November ballot. We all had been waiting to see […]