South Beach Condominiums on Sand Key FL 33767- What’s Selling

South Beach Condominiums of Sand Key Fl – What’s Selling? (Part 2) Clearwater Beach Florida – If you found this article on What’s Selling at South Beach Condominiums then you  may want to see Part 1 – Selling Your South Beach Condo for 30% over Sand Key Market first. Ok so let’s start with the facts…here’s […]

Clearwater Beach Real Estate Trends including Short Sales – REOs

Clearwater Beach Short Sales – Foreclosure Report for September 2011 Clearwater Beach FL – Update from your Clearwater Beach short sale specialists on what’s selling and how is the Clearwater Beach real estate market being impacted by property distressed sales. Here’s what’s really selling in Clearwater beach right now. You hear a lot in the news […]

Clearwater Florida Don’t Put Too Much Faith In Recent Case-Shiller Index

Clearwater Florida Real Estate Market News Clearwater Florida – The Case-Shiller Index posted awful numbers in its most recent reading. Each of the index’s 20 tracked markets showed home price deterioration between September’s and October’s respective reports. Some markets fell as much as 2.9 percent. Luckily that’s now what we are seeing here in the […]

Clearwater Real Estate Market News – Tampa Mortgage Rates Neutral after Fed Makes it’s Statement

Clearwater Florida –  Luckily for us Clearwater Real Estate market is not shaken by FOMC news today, when in its seventh meeting of 2010, the Federal Open Market Committee voted 9-to-1 to leave the Fed Funds Rate unchanged which is good news considering the extra toll the BP oil spill has already had on the […]

Real Cost of 3 Bedroom Clearwater Beach Condos Today | Real Estate Market Report |33767

 Clearwater Beach Florida Real Estate Market Report for 3 Bedroom Condos   Clearwater Beach Florida– The most common request we get from real estate investors as well as people who just want to buy a beachfront condo is  for 3 bedroom Clearwater Beach Condos in zipcode 33767. I understand why – most want to invite family and friends to vacation […]

Clearwater Beach Florida – Some Home Owners Are Eligible For Mortgage Relief

Clearwater Beach Florida Update on the Making Home Affordable Program Clearwater Beach Florida – When the White House first introduced the Making Home Affordable program in February, it was positioned as a mortgage program with two goals to help homeowners everywhere including those on Clearwater Beach: To help financially-needy homeowners get home mortgage relief To […]

Clearwater Florida Sees More Signs Of Real Estate Recovery |Cost Of Owning Versus Renting Falls Back To Historical Norms

Clearwater Florida Owning verus Renting Clearwater Florida – One popular housing theory is that — before a bona fide housing recovery can begin — the cost of owning a Clearwater home versus renting one must return to historical levels. If that belief is a truth, a national return to rising home prices may be in […]

Clearwater Florida – Have We Just Seens Signs of Clearwater Real Estate Market Recovery?

Clearwater Florida –  OK,  increased home sales numbers in Clearwater FL as well as the US overall for December were definitely helped a bit by the beating median home sales prices have been taking.   But don’t let that fact fool you into thinking that sellers weren’t still smiling ear to ear – it’s all good […]

Clearwater St Petersburg Tampa Home Sales Up 11% Year to Year in October

Clearwater Florida -We all know this Clearwater Real Estate Market has been slow for home sellers and last month I wrote an article wondering whether we were hitting the bottom of this down market. Clearwater – Tampa – St Petersburg Home Prices and Sales Update Well The Tampa Bay Business Journal reported some good news […]