Sanding Ovations makes Treasure Island FL Sand Sculpture Capital

Sculpture from Sanding Ovations 2012 by Cyndee Haydon

Sanding Ovations and Thanksgiving Tradition in Treasure Island Florida Treasure Island, Florida– Sanding Ovations Master Cup and Music Festival is in it’s 4th year and held annually in Treasure Island  in November – usually on the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Our local group PinellasEats went out on Sunday afternoon and took in the festival, a gorgeous […]

Pinellas County Florida Beaches offer Fun, Sun and amazing Sunday Sunsets

Pinellas County Florida is a Warm and Wonderful Place to Live Pinellas County  Florida – Ok, I have shared the many times how we have camped and enjoyed hanging out at Fort DeSoto Park and beach at the southermost point of Pinellas County. Every time I’m there I am so thankful that our county forefathers preserved so much green space and […]

Clearwater Florida’s Sunday’s Sunset and 7 Fun Facts

Fun with Sunsets this Week in Clearwater  Clearwater Florida –  Each Sunday we feature one of that weeks sunsets. Today you get a bonus in addition to a Clearwater Florida Sunset you also get and 7 Fun Facts about me. “Why” you’re asking? Well…because I got tagged by San Mateo Real Estate agent, Vicki Moore, to participate in the […]

Clearwater Beach Real Estate Glows as the Sun Sets on Luxury Clearwater Condos

Clearwater Beach Real Estate – Priceless Sunsets Clearwater Beach Florida – When Jack and I relocated to Tampa, we were drawn to Clearwater Beach real estate because of it’s world renown sugar white sand and it’s crystal clear water (that’s where the name Clearwater actuallly comes from). Quite frankly it’s family-friendly environment (Clearwater Beach actually won best City […]

Clearwater Real Estate looks Best as the Sun Sets | Sunday’s Sunset

Clearwater Florida Sunset Series Living on the west coast of Florida means great sunsets are just one of the many perks. Living on the Gulf of Mexico – we catch lots of great Clearwater sunsets on the water and off. When I was looking for the perfect quote this one caught my eye this week. While it’s not purely for the […]

Sand Key Bridge to Clearwater Beach Real Estate – Perfect for Sunday’s Sunset

Sand Key – Clearwater Beach Florida Sunset Series Clearwater Beach Florida – Today we captured a Clearwater Beach sunset taken from the foot of the Memorial Causeway bridge looking out as the sun set behind the high-span Sand Key Bridge which connects Clearwater Beach and Sand Key Florida. The island you see in the picture in front of […]

Camping Near Clearwater Beach Florida – Fishing, Biking, Shelling and Sunday’s Sunset

Clearwater Beach Florida Sunset Series I’m breaking all the rules this week since this week’s sunset is found south of Clearwater Beach FL in Tierra Verde Florida and Ft Desoto Park. We’ve even included a video to help share the experience this week. So next week we’ll be back to normal with a sunset quote and the spotlight on one […]

Clearwater Beach Florida’s Pier 60 – Sunday’s Sunset

Clearwater Beach Florida Sunset Series We thought it was only fitting to use a photo from one of our favorite sunset spots of all time – Pier 60 on Clearwater Beach Florida. It’s a place where we “celebrate” the sun setting each day with performers, crafters, music and more – we give Key West a definite run for […]

Clearwater Beach Real Estate Agent Warns Please Do Not Exceed The Limit

Difference between Fool and Genius in Clearwater Beach is Five Minutes  Clearwater Florida – This thought was inspired by Cyndee Haydon and Elbert Hubbard …..(LOL) Yes, Cyndee recently posted our Tampa Beaches Sunday’s Sunset series and quoted Thoreau… was a tender moment, so I was INSPIRED to find a quote that would let you know a little about […]

Sunday’s Sunset | Tierra Verde Florida Beach Sunset at Fort Desoto Park

Clearwater Beach Florida Sunset Series Here’s the second in our series of featuring one of the best parts of Clearwater Florida real estate – our beautiful Tampa Bay sunsets. Living on the west coast of Florida great sunsets are just one of the perks – living on coast – beach sunsets are just the cherry on top. Here’s […]